Everless SmartBag Self-Folding Reusable Bag

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Everless SmartBag Self-Folding Reusable Bag
Everless SmartBag Self-Folding Reusable Bag


Everless SmartBag Review

  • The Best alternative to single-use plastic bags
  • Size of a credit card
  • Holds up to 50 lbs. / 20 Litres
  • Made in recyclable memory fabric
  • Water repellent
  • Ultra-durable

How to use The Everless Smart Bag

Step 1. First, you need to Turn the bag upside down and turn it vertically by holding the small tag at the top case.

Step 2. Now Shake the bag till it expands to its original size

Step 3. Rest the bottom case onto your hand. Drop the top casing down, apply the strap and you’re done!

Design of Everless Smart Bag

The creator’s main intent is to reduce the use of plastic bags and to bring the solution to end the use of a single-use plastic bag

Yes, there are a lot of reusable bags there in the market but this Everless smart bag is something unique it will easily Fit in your pocket and you never forgot to bring them anywhere

No doubt this everless reusable smart bag is one of the best travel accessories for your next trip.

Made with recyclable ultra-high tenacity triple ripstop memory fabric, which is suitable for cold wash only,

You need not found any complications to fold up again after using this bag.

Comfort Handles: With the help of soft silicone coating you may feel the comfort while caring for loads

Attractive Colors: While comes to color smart bags have unique attractive colors like lava red, carbon Grey, and white Sakura.

Shipping: All over the world

Reusability: The material (Polyester (fabric and sleeve) and nylon (elastic).)used in the making of the smart bag and handle is 50 % of bio plastic and 100% fully recyclable

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